Summer might be winding down, but events are picking up in Niagara Falls. There are a number of amazing events scheduled for the Niagara area in September, from concerts to comedy shows, classic theatre, wine festivals and major league sporting events.

Below is a list of the best of the best September events, as well as an update from our Blog. Click on the large name of the event for more information.

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The Marriott Gateway on the Falls has been highlighting the best media & entertainment based upon and inspired by Niagara Falls.

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Not only has Niagara Falls sustained its appeal as a tourist magnet but it has also inspired many books detailing various facets of the falls and the Niagara region. You will find plenty of tourist books and guides with all kinds of information. But if you want to satisfy a deeper curiosity about the falls and the region, there are some books that give an in-depth knowledge about the same. These books are available at bookstores, online websites and through e-book readers. Here are some great books that delve deep into the mighty falls, and the people and events associated with the falls.

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Niagara Falls makes a strong impression– and rightfully so with it’s amazing Waterfalls, parks, restaurants, attractions and shopping. The Falls are a part of pop culture, and are an area of interest for many. Relax, kick back at home, on your commute or any place that has an audio device and listen to the top 3 Niagara Falls Podcast Episodes from popular shows such as CBC’s Vinyl Cafe, This American Life and Stuff You Should Know.

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Are you heading to Niagara Falls this summer? Ensure that you pack well for the trip to have a great vacation. Essentials like travel documents are a must but it’s as important to pack for the weather. Here are some pointers…

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