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Sustainable energy is at the forefront of modern Niagara Falls. The Energy Concierge Program, an initiative by the Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPE) and Enbridge Gas Distribution is a new endeavour to bring down energy usage in the hospitality industry in the Niagara region.

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls

The history and current state of the Welland Canal, one of the largest Canal’s in the world.

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls Niagara Falls

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The 2016 New Years Eve Celebration in Niagara Falls draws a crowd—expected to be a big crowd ranging from 50,000 – 60,000. With the stage located in a small section of Queen Victoria Park, navigating to a good vantage point can be difficult for a first time visitor. Below we’ll share two of the easiest foot paths to great vantage points of the New Years Eve Concert and Celebration.

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls