February is known as a month of romance—which is amplified during the month throughout Niagara Falls. It’s also a time to spend time with your family, as Monday, February 15th is an official holiday in Ontario, named Family Day.

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls Niagara Events

Marriott Gateway on the Falls Niagara Events

Marriott Gateway on the Falls

If you are fascinated by animal life and enjoy close encounters with these interesting creatures, Niagara Falls has some wonderful places on both sides of the border. Niagara Falls itself does not have an official zoo. However, animal lovers are still able to visit and view animals. Here are four of the top Niagara Region Zoos (or Zoo alternatives).

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls

When others slow down, Niagara speeds up. January is a headline month in Niagara Falls and there’s so much to do. From Icewine Festivals to concerts, culinary delights to the Winter Festival of Lights, there’s always something to do in Niagara Falls during the month of January.

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In winter, the Niagara River comes alive with several species of migratory birds that make it their home during this time of the year. Thousands of birds especially gulls and waterfowl flock to the river for overwintering during November, December and early January, depending on weather conditions.

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Parks

Niagara Falls has long been one of the biggest New Years Eve party destinations. New Years Eve 2016 is no exception, but with one new wrinkle added for this years festivity.

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Marriott Gateway on the Falls New Year's Eve Niagara Events Niagara Falls